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Why Miami?

Reasons to Invest in Miami

There are a number of factors that attract foreigners to buy in Miami.

It is a market that offers incredible value for real estate compared to other popular destinations in the United States and the world, it can still be bought at very good prices (a luxury 100 m2 apartment can cost you $ 800,000 in Miami, $ 3,000,000 in New York and $ 5,000,000 in London).

South Florida has a privileged climate throughout the year, Miami has become a global capital, with its own culture, Art (art Basel), business, technology, education, sporting events (Miami Open, Miami Heats, Miami Dolphins, etc), excellent connectivity with direct flights to the main cities of the world, one of the States with the lowest taxes in the country ... in addition to a safe environment economically and politically speaking.

The combination of these factors makes buyers feel motivated to invest in Miami, and we have seen explosive growth of Latin American investors in recent years.

The 82% of our sales are due to international buyers.

Florida was ranked in 2016 as #1 state in the United States in real estate sales to overseas buyers.

In addition, in the last year Florida was proclaimed 2º State in the United States with greater population growth, surpassing New York, due as much to the external and internal immigration.

Interest rates remain low, having conditions to finance the purchase of a property very convenient for the foreign investor, better than in their countries of origin.

We have a great demand for properties for rent, with very good profitability, added to this the valorization of the property in the short and medium term.

Some numbers that support what we say:

$ 6.2 Billions of Dollars for Sale of Houses in South Florida only.

1,000 Multinational companies in Miami, No State Tax Payment.

#1 Miami is the preferred market for real estate buyers in the United States

#1 The most cosmopolitan city in the United States (US Census Bureau)

#1 The cleanest city in the United States according to Forbes.

#1 Has the largest concentration of local and international banks south of New York

#1 The most searched city on Google by international buyers

It has the record in cruise passengers with 5.1 million per year and 8,9 million tons of cargo

Top 10 in the World ranking of the real estate market of Luxury properties

24 degrees Celsius is the average temperature during the year

#2 The second best city in the United States to start a business

100 is the number of languages ​​spoken in Miami

#3 It is the third largest city in the United States with parks, 260 parks and 12,825 acres

24 institutes and universities

#2 City with the Fastest Economic Growth in the United States (Wallet Hub)

Here are some Reasons to Invest in Miami.

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