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Apartment Sales in Downtown Miami

From the epicenter of Miami, we show you a part of what is Downtown Miami, a city full of wide views of the bay, beautiful and unknown places to be explored, where you will see the majestic skyscrapers, tourist destinations such as the Port of Miami along with renowned venues such as the American Airlines Arena, home of Miami Heat, and much more to see, why not give the opportunity to invest in the purchase or sale of apartments in Downtown.

A fusion between the old and the new shows this city, with historic buildings, restaurants, bars, shops, parks, world-class museums, and whose neighboring city to the south we have Brickell, another vibrant, modern, imposing and dense city .

Downtown It was the site of one of Miami's first international attractions, the Royal Palm Hotel by Henry Flagler, which opened at 1897 along the banks of the Miami River. It was also home to Miami's first development boom in the 1910 and 1920 years, with Flagler Street at its center. Freedom Tower, which is included here in our itinerary, was the entry point for Cuban refugees who arrived in Miami at 1959.

Nowadays, the population of Downtown Miami It has doubled in less than 10 years, and those new residents have brought new restaurants, bars, shops, parks and world-class museums.

It is the new fashion site both to live and to enjoy in passing, where you do not need a car to explore, as its residents enjoy the existing and new transit systems that connect it with the entire center, either Brickell, to the suburbs, the airport and all of South Florida.

Definitely, it is the best long-term condo market in the United States, with a constant growth in the population. Miami is constantly being purchased and ranked among the top global destinations, in part because it is a solid investment that provides stable profits over time.

Not all buildings, condominiums and luxury apartments are created in the same way, each one is different from the other and at multiple prices, in this sense, you can find good options from $ 200,000 dollars.

Property Sales in Downtown

Come invite you to discover the best investment proposals in property sales in Downtown Miami, a neighborhood characterized by its dazzling skyscrapers overlooking the Bay of Vizcane, with business centers, conventions and meeting centers. Next, look at the departments that are on sale in our updated inventory.

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