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Apartments in Brickell

Located in the Great Center of Miami, Brickell It is the main financial district of South Florida. An urban neighborhood, adorned with luxurious buildings, offices, hotels and a multicultural selection of cafes, restaurants and clubs that make it the favorite place of locals, tourists, businessmen, investors in the purchase and sale of departitions in Brickell, besides being the residence of a large number of millennials. Therefore, it has become the "Manhattan" of the South of the United States.

This area has the business side and the residential part. In the first one there are about a hundred banking companies that have Brickell its offices, which is why it is classified as an eminently business sector. To the south there are some eight thousand homes, in which people live mostly of high purchasing power. There are also large hotels, with a total of 2.400 rooms. There are currently more than 31.000 residents in Brickell.

The history of this wonderful city goes back to 1870, when William and Mary Brickell moved from Cleveland and acquired most of the land that makes up the current Brickell. Created in 1915, only a few of the large "Millionaire's Row" mansions still exist. The mansions have been replaced by luxurious high-rise condominium buildings that define the Miami skyline.

Nowadays, Brickell It is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Miami with new luxury towers incorporated into the firmament that makes up the city of Miami.

Brickell Avenue, it is considered the home of many popular Miami restaurants, stores and entertainment venues. In the heart of Brickell is the Mary Brickell Village, an open shopping center with restaurants and shops, and also, is the newest shopping center in the City, the Brickell City Center.

Also, in this city public transport is the most used than in any other area of ​​Miami, such is the case of the Metrorail, which has a station in Brickell called Brickell Station, in addition to five stations of Metromover within the Brickell loop, this being last free and connects with the Metrorail.

Sale of properties in Brickell

This is by far one of the preferred areas for many of the investors who decide on the purchase and sale of properties in Brickell, also for its high demand and vacancy close to zero, because without doubt it is the place of many departments to invest, starting at $ 200.000 dollars.

Selection of apartments in Brickell

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