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Nowadays everything revolves around digital technologies and the real estate industry is not exempt from it, because it is when you are taking advantage of this wonder global proptech (Technological properties) and here we bring you the trends that you should keep in mind as of now:

1.- Smart home:
The smart buildings and houses they go hand in hand with smart sensors, because these devices are increasingly used in the real estate sector, to be monitored in terms of temperature and lighting, contributing to a much more sustainable life.

2.- The use of Big Data:
El Use of Big Data it facilitates us a lot the connection with possible buyers and their interests, this helps us to be assertive about who they approach and how. Likewise, we can segment our target according to their needs and expectations, providing them with a better experience, leaving our customers satisfied.

3.- Geolocation Technology:
La geolocation, it is key because every day is improved according to the user's experience.
This favors both the companies and the real estate industry, considering that this tool is used in the search applications of stores, restaurants, events, and for some housing of interest to the user, receiving alerts of how close it is find the property that is available, in real time.

4.- Virtual reality: Drones
Without a doubt, it is a very novel proposal and used by many, because in this way you can make a great presentation to the client of how is the type of neighborhood, if there is noise, the security system and other qualities that the property may have.

5.- Use good software
Find the property management software ideal for you, so you can back a lot of information to put together a portfolio of real estate.

6.- Digitalize yourself
The cybernetic future is now, and the digital keys in the real estate industry they came to replace the physical keys. In this sense, the possibilities of accessing any property range from the Smartphone to facial recognition.

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