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The Millenials are young between the 20 and the 35 years of age, the real estate crowdfunding it's basically the financing of real estate for the construction sector to later sell, and thus recover what has been invested with its due gain.

real estate crowdfunding

Traditionally, people increase their money, with deposits to place, real estate, mutual funds, and so on. To these options is added a new option to invest your money on: real estate crowdfunding. It is the new trend to link to the construction of a house or department today, and also the trend increases because you already have statistics of who is the type of investor in this methodology.

What is real estate crowfunding?

El crowdfunding It is also known as collective investment in construction. Companies allow groups of people to be part of a Real estate project, all this through different digital platforms. For many it is not easy to invest completely in a real estate project, or they do not know the issue of how real estate is handled. Through this option the Millenials they get a new way of make money.

According to studies carried out, those who are most interested in the crowdfunding are men, approximately 76% of respondents, older than 30 years who are interested in this type of business. In second place the men from 20 to 29 years and then older adults from 60 years.


In the same study, it is discovered that the 42% of investors are engineers, 16% doctors, 10% architects and the rest work in other areas. The real estate crowfunding It is one of the world trends to get easy money without risk.

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