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Many dream of living the American dream, of living in the United States, but little is their knowledge to be able to do the reality and it is that, it is possible invest in the United States temporarily or definitively, it all depends on what you are looking for.

The incognita also arises from how to do to be legal and, the truth can be achieved through two alternatives that can be with the E2 Visa and by the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of Spain with the EB5 Visa.

In the case of the E2 Visa, it consists of making an investment to obtain the visa to live and not that of residence, which leads you to renew it every 3 or five years, that is, you live legally but indefinitely.

The second option is about the E2 Visa. In this case a
investment, but you get the visa to live and not the residence. The main difference between E2 and EB5 is that, with E2, it must be renewed every three or five years and that this does not entail residence, it is a visa to live legally indefinitely. However, you can process it through the company you are working with, who are in charge of helping you with these procedures.

On the other hand, with the EB5 Visa, you have the opportunity to invest in a construction project for an amount of USD 500.000, taking into account that it is only an investment process, once the 5 years pass on average.

A investment opportunity that companies carry out with the EB5 Visa and 2 Visa.

Many companies continue with the projects that are developed with the EB5 Visa, because with each quota they place with investors of this type, they acquire a much cheaper capital from which they would benefit, instead of resorting to a bank for that amount and for the applicant, he takes advantage of obtaining US residence, quickly and economically.

As for the most sought-after projects by E2 Visa investors, they recommend properties with purchase option, real estate that can be remodeled and then rented or sold according to the invested capital of USD 250.

Part of the prices that oscillate between USD 90 and USD 120, are those that are considered when investing in a property, being satisfactory for both parties.

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