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We need innovate in real estate since we currently live in an era of technology where we can do a lot if we know how to take advantage of it, because we can optimize what we want to obtain good results in the area of real estate, if we focus on Investors, buyers, sellers and real estate agents.

luxury house

We can achieve this by working with the marketplace and using the scraping technique, this will allow you to extract publications from various websites and condense them into one, such as making a compendium of apartment sales advertisements published in Facebook and on property brokerage pages.

By collecting all this information, you are taking advantage of building a daily use database, considering that the real estate item covers much more than the Buying and selling real estate.
Today, something that took you to sell a home 50 years ago, because it had to be seen at least 3 times for the client to finally make the decision, now in these times the sale is faster, because you have new technologies that you they allow to show the houses with VR, this being an ideal platform for the real estate sector, because it allows to show the housing projects even when they are not completely built, see their decoration and design by hand of the augmented reality, so make the decision to buy and sell.

Undoubtedly, the information exists and is gigantic, it will only depend on you that you know how to take advantage of it in the best way and with it manage to raise another level of the economy.

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