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Commercial Properties

Since the beginning of this economic cycle after the Sub Prime Crisis, a very interesting phenomenon has occurred in the commercial real estate market in Miami. In the last seven years, foreign capital, especially in Latin America, has fiercely turned to the purchase of commercial properties. From the 2015, foreign investors began to invest in office buildings, shopping centers, multi-family buildings, hotels and industrial properties. Preferably single-tenant properties occupied by high-credit national companies such as: McDonald's, Walgreens, Starbucks or other recognized business chains. These properties are generally administered by the tenant and the investor's job is only to collect the rent monthly.
The profile of these buyers varies, but most of them include asset managers, family businesses, private equity funds and high net worth individuals who seek to diversify their investment portfolio to protect and grow their capital. For them, investing in this type of property is like investing in a bond, with a return that in current markets fluctuates between 5% and 7%., To which is added the valuation in time or surplus value of the property.
Currently, financing for this type of property can be accessed, even for foreign investors.

Some Commercial Properties:

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