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Sale of Apartments in Bal Harbor

The city of Bal Harbour today it is the hiding place for the first choice of the rich and famous, because its beautiful modern houses, mansions full of luxury and comfort, have turned it into an exclusive community of artists, businessmen, designers, lovers of the good life and with a high purchasing power . Hence, there are many who invest in the purchase or apartments for sale in Bal Harbor with a privileged view in front of the sea, where everyone who goes enjoys the paradisiacal beach, with a jogging track along it, unique in its style in South Florida, with sophisticated shopping centers, elegant restaurants with own style and places of entertainment under the sun.

This wonderful city before becoming what it is today, the small and elegant community of Bal Harbour, previously it was a military facility used exclusively as a training center for the US Air Force. UU In the period of the Second World War. Who would think that at present, it would be a key point of tourism necessary to know? In addition to being the epicenter of the big brands.

It also has a very good location, it is considered one of the best areas of South Florida facing the ocean, it is located at one end of North Miami Beach, between Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, in addition to being equidistant of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. So if you like this atmosphere with your own style, you can feel familiar in this small town that attracts so many people from many parts of the world.

Sale of Properties in Bal Harbor

Discover the best options in sales of properties in Bal Harbor, because you can appreciate condominiums with a magnificent design, exclusive hotels, golf courses, exquisite restaurants, exclusive shops and above all have a million dollars for invest in Bal Harbor.

Next you will see the various property sales in Bal Harbour what we have.

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