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The areas that are most proposed for live in Miami how better neighborhoods are Kendall y North Miami, for many who wish to invest buying homes, in fact Brickell, is considered one of the most popular, as well as the most overrated.


Those are some of the conclusions obtained from surveys conducted on 2019 Miami Herald Real Residential Real Estate Survey, about the current real estate market.

Taking into account that Brickell Currently, it ranked first as the neighborhood where respondents would buy or rent a condominium if they were in the market at that time, as well as the best neighborhood for young professionals.

Furthermore, Kendall It stands out for being a bargain relatively compared to other family-oriented neighborhoods in Miami, whose average price of sale of homes single family ranges in $ 309,900.

This implies that the North of Miami, It has become very attractive thanks to its price references, the proximity to the beach and for having shopping centers that are located nearby.
Part of the 65% of the respondents considered as acceptable price those residences that were below $ 1 million, that is, when we speak at an acceptable price is where a house has a reasonable price instead of an excessive price.

This means that the uncontrolled prices that make homes inaccessible to local residents are very likely to start to go down a bit.

Likewise, buyers from the Northeast beyond opting as a second or third house, take Miami as their main residence, to benefit from tax exemptions, which means that there is a population interested in larger houses and condominiums, this together with the Amenities, in addition to the location you are looking for, increases prices.

Finally, you find them determined that today, many choose to buy homes that are within 15 minutes of their work, instead of choosing homes near a good school, a golf course or a religious institution, because then they will solve it.

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